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When you have come to the decision that you are going to divorce your spouse, you may be emotionally exhausted. While you want to make the right decisions about child custody in the best interest of your children and your future security, it can be hard to manage all the important details on your own.

At Hayden & Associates, we take the time help you understand how the family court handles divorce cases, including military divorce matters, alimony, grandparent’s rights, your responsibilities as a parent and child support. Domestic violence is often a reason people get divorced. Final hearings for domestic violence also go before the family court judge.

We will negotiate for you, draft your documents and take your case to court when you and the other party cannot agree to a settlement of matters out of court. Our team will remain in contact with you every step of the way so you are not facing any surprises. Call attorney Gerald Hayden at Hayden & Associates to work with a knowledgeable, compassionate divorce attorney at 304-250-4640.

Who Has To Pay The Debts We Have?

In West Virginia, you and your spouse can agree to divide your marital property and assets, including your debt, evenly between yourselves. A fair property division aims to split in half the marital assets and debts that were accrued during the time of marriage. There are exceptions to this rule, including if one spouse received an inheritance or specific gift or has a 401(k) from their job. These types of assets are separate property, which belong to the spouse for whom it was intended. However, if you cannot agree to a fair split, the court will get involved to review your assets and debts and will make an order that it deems a fairly even split.

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Divorce problems are difficult to deal with when you have unanswered questions. It is not easy to find the solution on your own without the help of an experienced divorce lawyer. Hayden & Associates in Beckley provides clear answers and explanations to your divorce questions and family law concerns. Our knowledgeable team protects your rights throughout your divorce and makes sure you understand the process. Call or email us to start resolving your divorce concerns.