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Hayden & Associates Makes Your Family Official Through Adoption

People’s children aren’t always biologically theirs, but that doesn’t make their bond any less valid. The same is true in the eyes of the law. Adoption is a legal pathway that formalizes relationships between people and the children they’ve decided to love and raise as their own. Gerald Hayden is a lawyer who guides people in West Virginia through this process and helps their families become legally official.

The Basics Of Adoption In West Virginia

Adoption is a family law issue. In West Virginia, there are two adoption processes: one where it’s a stepparent seeking the adoption and another when it’s a third party. Generally, there’s less scrutiny involved in stepparent adoptions, and the process goes more quickly.

The first requirement that must be fulfilled before an adoption can happen relates to the birth parent’s rights. The birth parents must either consent to the adoption, give up their parental rights, be stripped of them by a judge, have abandoned the child or be dead.

To adopt a child in West Virginia, you must be at least 18 years old or, more preferably, 21 or older. You must be able to demonstrate a reliable source of income, have a clean and safe home, be mentally and physically fit to care for the child, have healthy familial relationships if you’re married or have other children and have a clean criminal record with no prior reports of child abuse or neglect.

If you meet the requirements, you begin the process by filing for adoption with the circuit court in your jurisdiction. The circuit court judge will decide your case. The child must live with you in your home for a six-month probationary period before the adoption can be made final. If the child is 12 years old or older, they must also consent to the adoption.

How The Firm Makes A Difference In Adoptions

Your priorities are attorney Hayden’s priorities. If your goal is to adopt a child so you can love and care for them as your own, he will go above and beyond to help you reach that goal. He understands that adoption, while a legal issue, is also a highly sentimental one. With that in mind, he will treat your family with uncompromising empathy, compassion and respect.

Attorney Hayden will personally tend to your case, ensuring you fulfill all the adoption requirements and present a solid argument to the judge. Throughout the process, he will be accessible, and you will receive consistent communication to ensure you feel understood and understand what’s happening in your case. It doesn’t matter how harsh the judge is; he will ensure your family’s voice is heard.

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