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At Hayden & Associates, attorney Gerald Hayden’s priorities are the same as yours. As a West Virginia child custody attorney, he represents parents in child custody matters and helps them uphold their children’s health, safety and development.

What You Need To Know About Child Custody In West Virginia

Child custody is a matter in family law. During the child custody process, a judge determines who a child will live with, spend time with and who will get to make decisions for them. Judges also make decisions about child support in tandem with child custody, as the two subjects are closely related.

Usually, the default parenting time agreement is an even 50/50 split between each parent. The idea behind a balanced parenting plan is that children grow and develop healthily when both parents take an active role in their lives.

However, if that type of parenting plan isn’t in the child’s best interests, the judge will come up with another arrangement. After all, judges have to approve parenting plans that prioritize children’s best interests above all other interests.

Situations in which an unequal split of parenting time after a divorce could be warranted include:

  • If a parent has a history of perpetrating domestic violence or abuse in the family
  • If a parent has substance abuse issues
  • If a parent has been convicted of a felony criminal offense
  • If the child has special medical needs that one parent supports better

Many other factors could also potentially come into play while determining child custody.

Once a judge reaches a decision, they will issue a child custody order, which the parents must adhere to. However, if, after some time, that arrangement isn’t working anymore, parents can go back to court to have the order modified.

Hayden & Associates‘ Approach To Child Custody Matters

If you work with attorney Hayden, you’ll never doubt him since he’s fighting as hard as he can for your family. Your priorities are his priorities, and he’ll go above and beyond to prove it. He treats his clients with the utmost compassion and respect. He is incredibly sensitive to the issues they’re dealing with. He will work with you individually, spending the time to ensure you feel understood and that you understand him in return.

Your case will never get lost in the shuffle because attorney Hayden stays on top of things. He does everything he can to ensure your case progresses on a reasonable timeline. Throughout the process, he will be accessible and communicate with you often, so you will never feel out of the loop. And when it’s time to go to court, attorney Hayden will advocate for you enthusiastically and with conviction. He won’t back down from the opposing party or a stern judge.

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